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Synonyms for icky

Synonyms for icky

soft and sticky


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In this case, the word "babes" refers to children, as opposed to the kind of babes you may have been expecting - which only adds an extra layer of ickiness to proceedings.
Then, once you get past the initial ickiness, you all can hang as one big, happy crew.
The time has come to end political ickiness, folks.
Sometimes the dark humor was lost in the ickiness of it all.
Mothers-to-be have to cope with a great deal of ickiness, including tiredness, hormonal turmoil, nipple chaffing and disturbed bodily functions.
Barney's work, I think you will admit, the union of banality and ickiness (common parlance for "transgressive") is well-nigh perfect.
I don't dispute the ickiness of some Eminem lyrics.
Here, too, Norris invites religious contemplation without a trace of ickiness.