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Synonyms for icky

Synonyms for icky

soft and sticky


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Award for Ickiest Onscreen Chemistry on a TV Show - Sara Ramirez and Brooke Smith (Grey's Anatomy)
Ickiest stuff involves places where sewage can be waist-deep, take unidentifiable forms (if you want to know what a gelatinous "snotscile" is, here's your chance), and create toxic gasses.
Add them together, and you've got what may be the ickiest news story of the year.
To achieve that, Crichton gets mixed up in that last war, between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers, two groups competing to see who has the ickiest makeup and costumes.
The story of a sexually transmitted parasite infecting, in the ickiest manner imaginable, a nondescript singles apartment complex, Shivers, in all its B-grade hilt-for glory, is a prescient and unsettling tale of nature and nurture gone awry.