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NOW the Welsh winter has rediscovered its bone chilling iciness we are at last seeing some clear night skies and plenty of sunshine.
There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart--an unredeemed dreariness of thought which no goadings of the imagination could torture into aught of the sublime.
The American, who was influential in his time as Principal Conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, displayed a firm comprehension of the score from its outset, setting an unsentimental tempo that accentuated the work's iciness.
When it came rime for our summer encounters in Malaga, I girded myself for some of Anthony's better barbs, delivered with that quintessential British iciness of which he was, in fact, perfectly capable.
Dawn brought clouds and mist with light winds, and there was an iciness in the air that Ely found "uncomfortable.
It's clear Rosario and Diego have a connection, though Rosario has been in Germany for 12 years, and his growing warmth toward the younger man is met with determined iciness.
Beset during his first year in Washington by severe challenges, including a shattered economy, an escalating war, rising health care costs, and a deeply divided congress, he carried out the duties of the office with confidence and optimism, if also with a characteristic iciness.
Slice the peach into a bowl, wait until the iciness is gone, and enjoy the next best thing to fresh from the tree.
Lowell shared Pluto's iciness and highly irregular orbit.
Yet when he arrived at the entrance and walked through the plush, sleek lobby, the iciness was broken.
But the captain, for some unknown constitutional reason, had refrained from mentioning all this, and not till forced to it by Ahab's iciness did he allude to his one yet missing boy; ,
I'm used to room temperature, or well temperature, water or drinks and am surprised at others' penchant for iciness.
Like Frost, Nelson depicts the difficult life among small farms set off by stone walls and dotted with scrub orchards, but Nelson's Maine has a harder edge, his landscape literally infused with a corrosive iciness born of its proximity to the brooding and powerful North Atlantic, whose presence is palpable even in poems set miles from the sea.
Nobody can tell what that frozen iciness is, except those that got to live with it.
One retailer asked Hill Station to reformulate an own-label product from a different supplier that was receiving complaints about iciness and poor texture.