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As exotic as these monkeys were, it is the park's wolf pack who top the bill, drawing crowds even on the iciest winter's day.
The director of rugby received the call he didn't want at 3pm on Wednesday when Sam Robinson, whose recent injury record is enough melt even the iciest heart, revealed he had torn an abductor muscle during kicking practice.
The last place to be inhabited, Antarctica is described with superlatives: it is the coldest, windiest, driest, iciest and highest place on Earth.
The ninth-longest river in the world, the Lena flows through one of the world's iciest lands, where the sun is seldom seen during winter.
It has anti-lock breaks therefore the BS has the ability to [stop very quickly], even in the wettest or iciest conditions.
L'air meme que je respire iciest pour moi comme un baillon.
As Marnie Edgar, Tippi Hedren may be Hitchcock's iciest blonde.
This is a feature of global human society so basic that it survived even the iciest depths of the Cold War; it is the very premise on which the possibility of seafaring is based.
13--de son predecesseurt le plus immediat L'embarras iciest visible, II n'arien d'in certain.
It was at the height of Johannesburg's iciest winter in years that the fuse on the power keg of the land redistribution issue was ignited, ostensibly by South Africa's maverick Pan Africanist Party (PAC).
John Paul's will to unity seemed at times capable of melting even the iciest resistance.
Colin Firth, at his iciest, plays comic book writer Matthew Field, who starts an affair with young Nigerian exile Nimi Da Silva (Nia Long, out of her depth) when her young son (Fissy Roberts) bamboozles his way into Field's French Riviera manse.
Perhaps this is appropriate, as the occasion for our meeting is her eagerly anticipated return to the stage this month in that iciest of dramas, Hedda Gabler, at L.
In 1994, Pennsylvania had its coldest, iciest winter in history.
SOME 40 YEARS AGO, WHEN THE SO-called cold war between the Soviet Bloc nations and the Western powers was at its iciest, the threat of global conflict and Soviet invasion induced some Americans to invent a xenophobic and cataclysmic slogan: The Russians are coming