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pick consisting of a steel rod with a sharp point


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The skin on her face was thin and drawn as tight as the skin on an onion and her eyes were gray and sharp like the points of two icepicks.
He was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 by a Russian agent who buried an icepick in his skull.
After 16 years of outdoor exposure, the panels were destructively evaluated for decay by probing with an icepick in several places.
1966) (finding mandatory reporting of knife and icepick injures inapplicable to hairpin used in self-induced abortion); People v.
Playing on the film's bloody opening scene and cryptic finale, the DVD is packed in a clear lucite case with a ballpoint pen shaped like an icepick prominently enclosed.
Beat her until she stuck an icepick into his brain stem.
If you have a right-handed liner-lock folder that carries the knife tip up for a right-hander, it works perfectly for a southpaw if he carries it in his left front trouser pocket and draws to a reverse, or icepick, position.
An awesome alien bounty hunter with a weapon that can only be described as an Intergalactic icepick.
Sexpot Sharon Stone was unknown until she sharpened her icepick and showed more than her claws in Basic Instinct.
However, an unexpected subsequent fade-in reveals the camera still tracking under the bed, finally discovering the ominous icepick.
Reynolds came right back with his trademark style by throwing two barspins into his 360 down a stair set and then his signature trick, a trucked, no-hander icepick (a grind on the back peg only).
long skeleton in a black robe and cowl playing the violin on a vertical gonfalonish banner unfurling below; on one bicep either an icepick or a mucronate dagger, and down both forearms a kind of St Vitus dance of leather-winged dragons with the words--on both forearms--HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR BLUEYED BOY NOW MR DETH
The dashing Alexander Godunov, a vodka blond with icepick attack and dueling-scar dimples, jumped ship at New York's Kennedy Airport, leaving a wife behind.
There's no evidence that Trotsky ever started to write a crime novel (as Taibo conjures in Four Hands), but bullet-riddled walls and armored doors testify to the assaults on his own life--including the final, successful attack in which an assassin plunged an icepick into his head.
An icepick had been driven 3-1/2 inches into his head.