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a house for storing ice

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offers a production-ready, supported version of OpenStack Icehouse, but it
The Icehouse release had 1,202 contributors, a 32 percent increase from the Havana release six months ago.
The IceHouse, which opened in November, is a collaboration between Sam Alfstad, a former longtime New York advertising agency creative director, and his daughter, Casey, who, as Alfstad & Productions, have leased the 8,900-square-foot historic building to serve as a venue not only for exhibitions but for "reimagining how to make and market art.
Ralph, the couple's French bulldog, dressed in a tuxedo and wearing a sign pronouncing "Happily Ever After," led the couple from the Icehouse.
As well as confirming the presence of buildings known to have been demolished in the 19th century, the excavations also uncovered previously unknown features including a large icehouse outside the northern wall.
The team showed that although the Early Palaeozoic Icehouse was of similar extent and duration to the modern ice age, the workings of the carbon cycle appeared markedly different to that of the present day.
The exhibition was held in April, 2009 at the Icehouse in Phoenix, Arizona US.
near the roof, but that was as rare as laughter in the icehouse.
Or they could build an icehouse to store blocks of ice they harvested each winter from a nearby pond or river.
Is an icehouse basically a cellar full of ice and sawdust?
Given growing concerns about global climate change, studying the Paleozoic ice age is timely because that was the last epoch in which Earth experienced a protracted icehouse state.
which was built across from Harris Pond as an icehouse in 1876 and became a popular function hall in later years -- was destroyed yesterday when a three-alarm fire swept through the cork-lined, wooden structure set in a residential neighborhood.
The gold medals were awarded to Miller for Miller Lite (American-style Light Lager category), Icehouse (American-style Specialty Lager) and Henry Weinhard's Classic Dark (American-style Dark Lager category).
SEXY songstress Natalie Imbruglia acted like a real fan when she met Big Brother's camp contestant Dan Bryan backstage Dan, who was performing with his dance band Icehouse, at Live + Loud, revealed that Natalie had made a point of congratulating him on his musical success.