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as cold as ice

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Little Sebastijonas, aged three, had been wandering about oblivious to all things, holding turned up over his mouth a bottle of liquid known as "pop," pink-colored, ice-cold, and delicious.
But nothing seemed to please Roderick better than to lay hold of a person infected with jealousy, which he represented as an enormous green reptile, with an ice-cold length of body, and the sharpest sting of any snake save one.
It will be a bad lookout for the Count if the edge of that "Kukri" ever touches his throat, driven by that stern, ice-cold hand!
Then we washed them in the ice-cold water of the stream, and lastly ate them greedily.
A man pours ice-cold water over himself during a purification ritual at Kanda Myojin shrine yesterday in Tokyo, Japan.
1 Pre-soak the gelatine leaves for the cheesecake mix in 60ml ice-cold water, until soft.
Imagine snapping photos of posh places and a tall ice-cold coffee using Instagram in the year 1995.
Traditionally these dumplings are eaten on the side of soups but they also work perfectly for a BBQ starter alongside an ice-cold beer.
Then I'd tuck into a bowl of chilli while supping on an ice-cold beer.
A body doesn't turn ice-cold with death-- the movies lie about everything-- it cools, instead, until lukewarm.
Next up was the 300ml gurgles as she tossed back her hair before downing an ice-cold beer.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the summer is becoming scorching and the politics ice-cold and one can have a good time listening to the stories about the bad and unscrupulous Branko Crvenkovski and the good and honorable Nikola Gruevski, the reviving VMRO-DPMNE and the hated and improvident SDSM.
In Russia's case, however, it's not just the heat that claimed victims, but the cooling strategy: jumping into ice-cold swimming holes and lakes, typically after downing ice-cold vodka.
It was only when I was safely back home that I enjoyed a crystal clear, delicious glass of ice-cold Mersey tap water.