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skate consisting of a boot with a steel blade fitted to the sole

move along on ice skates

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Used ice skates, all donated, are available at Pernet Family Health as long as they last," she said.
Many people owned a pair of ice skates, and would regularly go to local rivers and ponds when they froze over, though as you can see in these pictures some people would just slide about on the ice in their normal shoes, as leather soles could be quite slippery.
There was a very good cafe upstairs and a shop where I eventually bought my first pair of ice skates.
The two things that you can do on ice skates that you can't do in ballet shoes are glide and achieve lean, or edges.
A new spin on skating Unless you've been hibernating the last few years, you've probably seen people whizzing by on streamlined skates that are a cross between roller skates and ice skates.
The holiday season never seems complete without snowmen and ice skates," said Carol Schatz, president and CEO of the DCBID.
The 11 athletic members of Cardiff National Ice Skating Club and Cardiff Ice Skating Club, all aged between nine and 15, unexpectedly appeared with lit-up ice skates and danced their way around the temporary ice rink in front of City Hall.
The festive fun doesn't stop there as visitors can swap their ice skates for a 4D Christmas adventure with Santa on the centre's 4D Motion Ride, Sleigh Ride.
VALENCIA - Just 18 months old when his parents first laced ice skates on his tiny feet, Chad Phillips - now on the cusp of entering his teens - is preparing to compete in his second junior nationals next month in New York.
Her hockey-loving grandfather, Donald Klune, was tickled that Crane was interested in the game and soon surprised her with ice skates.
She built an igloo in her back yard and wore ice skates so her Saint Bernard dog Sashu could pull her to school by rope.
Danielle said she first slipped into a pair of ice skates three years ago when her family took a trip to a local ice rink.