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pick consisting of a steel rod with a sharp point


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There she killed James by stabbing him in the face with an ice pick, then strangling him with a cord.
He said the British security services had murdered his dad with an ice pick because of his own involvement with Hussein.
Check it out, and I promise, all your ice picks will stay comfortably in the kitchen drawer.
Ice rescue suits, ice picks, water rescue rope, and an animal control stick are the minimum equipment needed.
Philippine: The father of Philippine pop star Charice has been stabbed to death with an ice pick in a drunken street fight, police said Tuesday, as the singer cancelled an overseas tour to be with her family.
1940: Leon Trotsky, exiled Bolshevik leader who found asylum in Mexico, died after being struck several blows on the head with an ice pick wielded by Ramon Mercader, an agent for Stalin.
Who was sentenced to death in his absence in 1937 and three years later assassinated with an ice pick in Mexico City?
Parore paid tribute to his Sherpa, who he said kept him alive on Everest, and an old friend who climbed behind him all the way "poking me in the ass with his ice pick axe to keep me going.
1940: Leon Trotsky, exiled Bolshevik leader who found asylum in Mexico, died from ice pick blows dealt by Ramon Mercader, an agent for Stalin.
Any sociopath can get an ice pick," she said with a wry smile.
Symptoms can be cramping, burning, and/or feeling like an ice pick is being pushed between the toes.
Belvedere enlisted globe-trotting fashionista Jade Jagger, daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger, to design a special-edition ice pick, appropriately called the Jade Dagger.
You'll need an empty two-liter soda bottle with cap, wooden dowels (cut to desirable size for perches--one longer than the other), a wire coat hanger or string/rope, an X-Acto knife or ice pick, tape, and birdseed.
This classic, wood-handled ice pick sells for just $3 at Venice Wine & Coffee Company/The Island Gourmet, 201 Venice Ave.