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a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents' goal with angled sticks

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SWISS is already involved in ice hockey at a local level, including lending its name to the SWISS Arena in Kloten.
Lars Seier Christensen's investment in Rungsted Ice Hockey is the economic recognition we have been waiting for since we, a little more than two years ago, launched an ambitious three-year plan to return to the elite of Danish ice hockey.
These pictures show the success of a number of Teesside's ice hockey youngsters more than a decade ago.
But it is not only for ice hockey that a new, permanent rink would be so welcome in Durham.
In India, ice hockey was first played in Shimla during British rule.
Moving this single player mode online will give probably the best ice hockey fun you've ever had - especially if you are pretty handy with the game and have similar friends.
The four-day knockout tournament, which is due to start on Saturday, March 30, involves recreational ice hockey teams from across Europe.
In the past seven years I have never seen any police presence before, during, or after an ice hockey game.
I can remember it being very cold (this was on account of the ice, on which the poor unfortunates play); I can remember it being very boring (on account of the fact that ice hockey is very boring).
Australian Sian Thorne, who has been following the successful track record of the Bahrain Sharks and the Bahrain National Ice Hockey team, has always loved the fast-paced sport and hopes to find other like-minded females to take it forward.
Putin masters not only ice hockey, but many other skills, as he plays a number of sports including judo, horseback riding, rafting, swimming and diving in the frozen waters of Siberia, hunting, fishing, riding motorbikes, and driving Formula 1 cars.
The country, most of whose territory is a hot desert, might not have the tradition of playing ice hockey until modern technologies of artificial ice became available there.
RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin played in an exhibition ice hockey game and scored one goal after another thanks to assists from retired professional players.
THE Silver Blades Ice Rink in Widnes has hosted the first home game of Widnes Wild's U10s' junior ice hockey team.
A County Durham teenager is hoping to lead Great Britain's under-18s ice hockey team to success.