ice fog

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a dense winter fog containing ice particles


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The engine's anti-ice capability cannot overcome the tremendous ice-producing capability of ice fog being sucked through the high-velocity inlet of a Prowler intake.
Those who stick around deal with ice fog and isolation, but they do so with roots growing deep.
Because of the thick blanket of ice fog which enveloped Whitehorse during the conference, delegates left the Yukon having "seen" very little of it.
Linde's proprietary VERISEQ[R] Nucleation controls formation of ice crystals using a sterile cryogenic ice fog resulting in enhanced lyophilization (freeze drying) cycles and improved product quality.
When it is 43 [degrees] C below with a slight wind and bright sunshine peeking over the horizon revealing the ice fog hanging over the downtown core of Yellowknife, one wonders about even venturing outside.