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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables

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Because of its small extant corpus and the wide range of subject matter it addresses, scholars have been primarily concerned with defining iambus as a distinct genre, and so have treated it as unchanging over time.
He adds to the common Spondee, Iambus, and Trochee rarer rhythms with their patterns--"Tell me, divinest / Annabella, tell me"--; and after playing with a particularly gnarled meter notes that "in English & German we form our harmony from tone not quantity--or perhaps as our quantity depends on the Intonation / & as this system of Intonation is almost always in utter discord with the position of the Latin Quantities--So no Englishman or German can read this measure in the original so as at once to let a hearer perceive the sense & the harmony" (CN 1.
In one of the Anacreontic lyrics (which were made available to French poets of Labe's generation in Henri Estienne's edition of 1554) we find allusions to a disobedient lyre that plays only of love, although the speaker would like to produce epic verse (Elegy and Iambus with the Anacreontea, 2:51).
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Te rogo, Melpomene, tragicis descende cothurnis etpede dactylico resonante quiescat iambus.