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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables

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Stressing "wrong" in the wrong metrical place is a nice touch that launches into expression a larger instability: two pyrrhic-spondee pairs in a row, sneering into a feminine-ended final iamb, perform a histrionic annoyance at circumstances whose real source, we understand, is Pilate's annoyance at himself.
This duration is divided between the syllables within the foot: the three syllables of the anapest will have to share the time allotted for the two syllables of the iamb.
The music that scores this action is fittingly steady: relentless as the disorder that pursues the child, the lines breathe and sing iamb, iamb, iamb.
If Kager's assumption that the first mora of every long syllable and stressed light syllable is a strong one and all other moras are weak is ignored, then another explanation is needed to account for the asymmetry of iambs and trochees.
Thus French, by means of purely syllable-counting (syllabic) meters, cannot reproduce the differences in accent- and syllable-counting (syllabotonic) meters of German, English, or Russian: their iambs, trochees, dactyls, anapests, and so on.
While line breaks may conform to patterns of breath and iambs may be imitative of the heartbeat, hastain and thilleman's poetics embodies sexuality: "When we speak, we are actually always performing fellatio.
or insult a friend as "thou painted maypole" -- refashioning the iambs into a California lilt -- is to realise that Shakespeare and Ricci both know a thing or two about mean girls.
Callimachus, so acute a discerner of the hallmarks of archaic iambos and of Hipponax's poetics in particular, follows the Ionian iambographer when he introduces an [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] by way of frame for his programmatic Iambs 1 and 13.
4) In classical Greek and Latin, dactyls, anapaests, iambs and so on were patterns of long and short syllables.
But the poem goes on to reconcile art and life, insisting, "I stroke you with both tangible hands/ and feet unstressed or thudding"the "feet," in this case, being the iambs of a poem.
What has mugged so many people is the myth that Africans went like iambs.
He'd contemplated the scales of evil, the soft skin of a sinful woman, the first patriarch wronged, then saddled by love--a lifetime of iambs.
a warm-up to our real workout, to combine iambs, trochees, a
Unless I got every single thing wrong, and something isn't decanting its ocean of heartbreak juice over and through the imbricate seedheads of grasses, through those thousand waving arms, through things on thrones, breechings at sea, oud music, types and fonts, major but mostly minor, noble but mostly base, bituminous and anthracite in the airless dark, phases, tides, witherings and blunderings and burnings-down to the ground, elements, vessels, organs, circuits, the way fiddles finish in scrolls and old scrolls fox themselves to death, fractals, flavors, dryads, trochees, disgraces and insufficiencies, over particles, through waves, through lists, through iambs, through lamb, venison, pork, through Blake and Kit Smart and Whitman and Ginsberg, through secret suffering inward everything.
The iambs of the phrase also imitate a two-beat walking or marching motion, or so Stephen suggests when the sounds and physical sensations of his walk over the shells prompt him to recite two lines of a verse: "Won't you come to Sandymount, / Madeline the mare?