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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables

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25a is headless, but because the first syllable is a natural beat we have no difficulty in scanning the line first time, the five beats emerging spontaneously from the prosodic material; 25b, however, begins with an unstressed syllable that we naturally, on a first reading, take not as a beat but as the offbeat of an initial iamb, and in consequence find the rest of the line increasingly intractable to scansion.
Does the history of meter not prove that iambs exist in English, or at least, that the nineteenth century believes that they exist?
35) The fact that Euripides uses "Cyprus" instead of "Aphrodite" for its metrical facility in his iambic (rather than dactylic) verse, but Robinson uses "Cyprus" in order to superimpose a triple meter on English iambs adds yet more complexity to her Greek experimentation.
Tetrameter, clearly, as in Blake; and (while a trochee-iamb pairing is possible for the first two feet) most probably a catalectic rising line, again as in Blake but now involving anapests rather than iambs, and thus premising two ghost slacks rather than one at the head of the line (parenthetized above) to fill the number of anapestic feet out to four.
Rossetti superimposes a subtle, anapaestic lilt over the iambs of the octet, a ripple-effect that suggests the kiss can not only fix but bring the image alive.
The speaker's caution in this passage is brought out in the strong iambs in several of these lines ("keep watch and ward," for example), which introduce a steadying effect against the excitable rush of the triple feet, which follow when the speaker once again gives in to a morbid introspection, occasioned by his insecurities about Maud, and casts his diseased perspective onto his surroundings reminiscent of Mariana in her grange.
Even in near madness, Bothwell's speech flows out in perfect iambs.
The latter is instead replaced with an unexpected nine-foot line of four iambs and a truncated final iamb consisting of a feminine ending.
There is, for instance, the link made in the first line between the iambs and energetic steps--"O trip and skip"--and, after the mentioning of dancing in line 13, the skip of the anapest in the third foot of line 14: "What good were else i' the dru m and fife?
Pearsall writes that Ulysses must conjure the sea by "his words alone"; but she is less concerned with the words than with their cadence, the seductive iambs and measured phrases of Tennyson's impeccable blank verse (p.
Yet the notion that an anapest amid iambs tends to accelerate the pace can be justified without recourse to isochrony.
Mansfield's rhythmic shifts, a mixture of trochees, iambs, and anapaest, convey the uncertainty of early love.
Even when I was a boy at school a lot of time was spent studying dactyls, spondees iambs, meter, scansion, caesura and enjambement in more language than English.
This happens particularly forcefully in that first stanza break, in which the heartbeat iambs at the end of the line ("of god in universal night") slip into an anapest, effectively forcing us to stop and gulp the air to keep moving: "I don't care.
beating iambs into dough, rising invocations to the muse of ovens and