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an attack of hysteria

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I attribute my being still able to hold the curtain in the right position for looking and listening, entirely to suppressed hysterics.
The spinster aunt uttered a piercing scream, burst into an hysteric laugh, and fell backwards in the arms of her nieces.
Here the spinster aunt burst into fit number two, of hysteric laughter interspersed with screams.
In his signal 1982 study of the Parisian asylum Salpetriere, where in the late nineteenth century a women's clinic headed by neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot treated female patients thought to be suffering from hysteria, philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman argues that the photographic tableaux authorized by Charcot, in which hysterics enacted their particular ailments, were not just of interest as disturbing curios but in fact helped lay the groundwork for the then nascent field of psychoanalysis.
Kellie of Long Eaton, Notts, said: "She was in hysterics and crying her eyes out.
My mother was making the taxi driver laugh with her comments and I was in hysterics and had not realised my purse had slipped from my coat pocket.
The Aloud star was in hysterics as she cosied up to new boyfriend Tre Holloway in the back of a cab.
Approaching her project with a preconceived notion--that because hysteria was in part "an illness of being a woman in an era that strictly limited female roles," hysterics must be victims "of a misogynist institution led by the tyrannical Charcot" (4), Hustvedt was surprised to discover "something far more nuanced" (5): the Salpetriere may have been % warehouse for the women Paris no longer wanted" (38), but it gave hysterics a home and a language to articulate their suffering.
Ashley Cole and John Terry from rival club Chelsea watched on from their VIP corner, in hysterics.
Through postmortems of diagnosed hysterics, Charcot hoped to demonstrate that the disease was linked to anatomical lesions or tumors, although these were never found.
But then the Lib Dems and Labour would have hysterics at the thought.
She was left in such hysterics by jokes about her Rolls-Royce - voice - that the rest of the cast have now joined in.
Pete Versus Life Channel 4, 10pm Funnier than a YouTube montage of footballers' being hit in the groin, this homegrown comedy will make you roll around your living room floor in hysterics.