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the lagging of an effect behind its cause

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PI & hysteretic Controlled BBPVI systems are successfully designed and simulated using Matlab and the results are presented.
As the first step in the interpolation of an arbitrary inner hysteresis loop, it is necessary to decompose each of the measured SHLC to its hysteretic and anhysteretic components
Section II starts with a general description of the proposed architecture that employs a current source controlled by the output of the circuit in order to realize the hysteretic characteristic.
As shown, a little difference can be found between the hysteretic curves of the two models.
Tan [delta] is the ratio of G" to G' and is a measure of the loss-rate of mechanical energy in a hysteretic system.
1 the Hysteretic material model in OpenSees is modified to define the reinforcing steel model.
Therefore, the seepage statistical model considering the hysteretic effect of reservoir water level and precipitation and the exceeded water level factor is established.
According to a nonlinear hysteretic piano hammer model and in reality [9], the duration of contact between the hammer and the string decreases with the increasing of the striking velocity of the hammer.
A long-standing interest has been with the modelling of automotive hydromounts--notoriously non-linear systems, where new techniques are being developed for piecewise linear and hysteretic systems, which work when traditional methods fail.
Among the topics are physical models and mechanisms of the structure acoustic nonlinearity of micro-inhomogeneous media with cracks and cavities, wave processes in micro-inhomogeneous solids with hysteretic nonlinearity, wave processes in polycrystalline solids with dissipative and reactive nonlinearity caused by dislocations, experimental studies of nonlinear acoustic phenomena in granular media, and nonlinear phenomena in seismic waves.
Test frequency was decreased with increasing stress level in order to avoid the excessive hysteretic heating that causes the specimens to fail due to permanent plastic deformation rather than fracture.
Design procedures for buildings incorporating hysteretic damping devices.
The general purpose of the research reported in this paper is development and testing of tool for analysis of hysteretic behaviour of wall panels in general.
In crosslinked rubber such as a tire rubber, the loose polymer chain ends from the crosslinked network are major sources of hysteretic losses, shortening the elastomer's lifetime.
Other topics include dynamic analysis of lower limb prosthesis, noise control in an industrial hall, hysteretic damping of elastomeric systems, and vibration in an engine with neo-Hookean suspension.