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measurement of the elevation of land above sea level

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The hypsometric curve is a normalized cumulative frequency distribution of elevation (Strahler, 1964).
3 Table 7: Result of Hypsometric Integration calculation for Talkheh Rud sub- basins.
Hypsometric control on surface and subsurface runoff.
Systematic morphometric study including drainage; altimetric; hypsometric and lineament analyses was carried out and the results are discussed.
Q4: Are there predefined 1 1 0 0 color hypsometric ramps (tint)?
1978: Statistical moments of the hypsometric curve and its density function.
Vines are present in many landscapes of the country and hypsometric range of their spread is extensive, starting from sea level and ending with 1,200 (1340) meter elevations.
Comparison between hypsometric curves, slope classes and SPOT satellite image interpretation (coloured image composition, image classification, vegetation index) showed Wang Jia to be representative of the Kelang mountainous area.
Hypsometric (area-altitude) analysis of erosional topography, Geological Society of America, Bulletin, vol.
6) are imaged on a hypsometric surface made on the basis of high resolution radar images (SRTM 30 m x 30 m).
00, as the mean elevation minus the minimum elevation can approach the relative relief value but never equal it; indeed, Pike & Wilson (1971) demonstrated that the elevation-relief ratio is mathematically analogous to the more complex hypsometric integral of Strahler (1952).