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oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency

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That said, as of today, there is not a single biomarker used clinically for assessing vasculogenesis, or intratumoral hypoxia and the correlation between FDG-PET findings and survival has not been strong, especially in more heterogeneous cancers (such as breast and lung cancer).
Hypoxia is a state of reduced overall tissue oxygen availability and a hallmark of solid tumor that leads to cell invasion and metastasis (Arsenault et al.
Classically, patients present with platypnea-orthodeoxia syndrome, positional hypoxia associated with the sensation of difficulty breathing, relieved in a recumbent position.
Hypoxia can be assessed by using an oximeter to measure the oxygen concentration of blood.
taurus, Ovis aries, and homo sapiens in the nucleotide and protein level, which suggests that the base mutations of the two target genes do not induce the different resistances to hypoxia.
We completed the NATOPS procedures for hypoxia and decided to continue down the boulevard to Mom rather than making a U-turn and diverting to Kandahar.
This is the centrepiece of an extensive and continuing programme of research into hypoxia and human performance at extreme altitude, aimed at improving the care of the critically ill and other patients where hypoxia is a fundamental problem.
The R22X mutation of the SDHD gene in hereditary paraganglioma abolishes the enzymatic activity of complex II in the mitochondrial respiratory chain and activates the hypoxia pathway.
Intermittent hypoxia represents a risk for sudden death, cardiac failure and certain forms of hypertension (Jain, 2007; Lavie, 2003), also for diseases involved with reduced oxygen diffusion due to an increase in the distance between the capillary bed and mitochondria.
Hypoxia enhances the normal vasodilator response to epinephrine and this enhancement contributes to the vascular collapse (3).
Mild hypoxia reduces the ability to think clearly, but the body responds by increasing the rate and depth of breathing.
Severe hypoxia can potentially result in widespread fish kills.
Severe hypoxia in a previously well young woman is indicative of a severe acute disease process such as pneumonia, with catastrophic respiratory failure and exhaustion of her reserves.
The papers address oxygen sensing and hypoxia-sensitive signaling pathways in cells, which affected by hypoxia can trigger remodeling of tissues and contribute to cancer, inflammation, and neurodegeneration.
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