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Synonyms for hypothetic

existing only in concept and not in reality

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for hypothetic

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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Stock market responds for around 3% of variance of Malls hypothetic portfolio return and vacancy although not statistical significant responds for 74% of variance.
The death drive corresponds to the uncastrated desire of the subject or in other words the desire for the hypothetic wholeness with the Other.
However, due to hypothetic imperfection of measuring techniques, this distance is only known with the relative uncertainty 0.
In hypothetic example let us assume disposable funds 750,000 USD and these exchange rates: 1.
Hypothetic association between human papillomavirus infection and breast carcinoma.
Cizre -- pretexting the presence of hypothetic "terrorists" -- became, for eight days, a besieged city.
a set of simulated space mission scenarios implemented on a hardware platform that will allow proper training campaigns in a simulated but very similar to the real world setting where a large number of real hypothetic conceptual space-oriented scenarios situations and circumstances will be addressed in almost-real terms with the aim of preparing qualified cyber security professionals for detecting preventing and thwarting cyber-attacks in an almost-real-world setting.
3 ka Hallstatt cycle of solar activity disturbs the agreement between MSL and orbital insolation index, we assume that this additional excitation could originate in hypothetic solar cycles with the periods of 7-8 ka and 13-17 ka.
The following graphic example of selecting appropriate research methods is a hypothetic scenario in which the researchers want to understand driver behavior in work zones prior to crashes.
To increase the number of candidates of each [DELTA]K, the most straight forward idea is to include the 8 hypothetic values which are one-bit different from the most probable one.
If physics seeks and tries to prove the existence of a hypothetic element, say, Higgs boson, philosophy inversely treats existence only as a concept.
We are dealing here with the hypothesis of parallel universes, distinctly observed by Alberto Cappi as being present in Poe's hypothetic model, since he so strictly pointed out that these Universes have nothing in common with each other.
FIVE years ago I sat down and wrote a manifesto for a hypothetic England Republican Party.