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Synonyms for hypothecate

to give or deposit as a pawn

Synonyms for hypothecate

pledge without delivery or title of possession

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They resent its hypothecated tax no less than they resent any other tax.
But clearly a hypothecated tax or a system of social insurance through the National Insurance system - a National Health Stamp - are the most equitable options.
Mr Hammond rejected Mr Davies's argument, saying: "You and I know, that no Government has hypothecated revenues in that way, they allocate them across the economy.
Mr Hammond rejected Mr Davies' argument, saying: "You and I know, Mr Davies, that no Government has hypothecated revenues in that way, they allocate them across the economy.
DESPITE Kingfisher Airlines being neck- deep in debt, Vijay Mallya's Group took on the State Bank of India ( SBI)- led consortium of banks on Thursday contesting their claim that the brand Kingfisher had been hypothecated to them.
Lord Heseltine noted in his influential Cities Renaissance paper in 2007 that local authorities were measured against no fewer than 1,200 central targets, faced heavily hypothecated funding mechanisms and moreover, in the case of regeneration, more than 50 different-funding streams.
Reacting to the report, Association of British Bookmakers chief executive Dirk Vennix said: "Our industry opposes, in principle, the implementation of a further hypothecated and discriminatory tax, singling out bookmaking among the many industries where goods and services are provided but sometimes remain unclaimed.
e, actual shares of common stock) can be hypothecated or otherwise encumbered for loans or other purposes.
A report on hypothecated education grants said schools, local councils and colleges face an "unnecessary burden" of paperwork and bureaucracy.
In my opinion, the report should be praised for a number of factors such as the call for the total cancellation of the debt of Africa's least industrialized countries; a doubling of development aid to $100bn by 2015; calls for special global tax hypothecated for development programmes; an improvement of governance including tackling corruption in Africa and within OECD multinationals, and a recommitment to meet Millennium Development Goals.
It is apparent that what is being proposed is a levy--a hypothecated stealth tax," added Rappoport.
Support for spending among the middle class and conservative electorates may have increased because the spending option in AuSSA is hypothecated, including only two 'safe' and popular spending options and not left as unspecified spending--perhaps unattractive to conservative voters.
It should be addressed through the introduction of a hypothecated Green Levy (comparable to Medicare, the levy used to fund the national health scheme) to fund urgent transition and repair programs, through environmental tax reform, and the elimination of subsidies to environmentally destructive activities.
Hypothecated taxes--taxes earmarked for a specific purpose such as health care spending--are attractive because polling shows the public is more willing to pay more when they know exactly where the money is going.
As we've said before a hypothecated tax, earmarked for health, is the honest way of funding the NHS.