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regarding something abstract as a material thing

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In traditional reading instruction we might say that the towards-which of reading is literacy as determined by a hard and fast goal (telos), which in a disingenuous manner represents the reification or hypostatization of literacy in terms of a quantitative, calculable number or percentage attached to a standardized exam for determining when and whether or not students have reached the "intentionalistic" goal of reading fluently and efficiently.
Based on these and similar sources, Sedgwick concludes--much in line with our analysis of The Beetle--that at this advanced stage in the hypostatization of English homophobia [.
Hyperbole was doubtless in play here, but so, too, was hypostatization, an awkward term for a common move in criticism, the inflating of a characteristic into a criterion.
This is not just a matter of lack of generality: it renders obvious that the idea of layers is but a metaphor: there are no layers, and the complete adequacy with which a theory covers a layer should be a warning: the layer resides in the theory, not in the universe; it is what philosophers condemn as hypostatization.
Consequently, the same mythic animation and hypostatization which is bestowed upon the words of human speech is originally accorded to images, to every kind of artistic representation.
it is only retrospectively that we can extract them as norms (and thus objectify the transition from the other to the same), although even this hypostatization remains revisable.
What one will find in a museum, according to Giorgio Agamben, is the very hypostatization of the capitalist religion's aspirations to unprofanability:
Furthermore, the hypostatization of the nation and industrial capital as the concrete successfully obscured that in reality the nation was an abstract form of domination and a repression of peculiarities, especially with regard to language (Habermas 1998, 25; Hobsbawm 1992; Volkov 2001, 42).
Schwemmer's approach not only gets rid of simplistic distinctions--like that between sentient creatures (who are capable of differential responsiveness, but are incapable of inference) and sapient creatures (who form and assess inferential connections in their comportment)--but avoids any kind of hypostatization of language as well.
While objectivist scholars might advocate a hypostatization of values, subjectivism establishes an indissoluble link between values and the real action of an agent.
What Eagleton needs here is political theory, not historical salvation through the hypostatization of Marx's enlightened opinions.
The casualties on all sides in Iraq and Afghanistan, oil dependency and consumption, and the ecological disaster now unfolding in the "other" gulf have all been targets of her actions, and they create a web of connection between what are often narrated as singular tragedies, thereby resisting the hypostatization of any one object of grief.
We have seen that the two opposing factions share an essential point: the hypostatization of Life as a fact in itself in which the living participates, the production of Life-in-itself as life in- appropriable because coincident with God, or because coincident with the private ownership of the individual who inherits the characteristics of the god of theology.
Searching for this genesis is sine qua non for overcoming that hypostatization of mathematical space which characterizes the ontological approach to the world as res extensa.
This hypostatization of language to include its "context" may be an echo of the Bhartrharian view of utterance as containing or giving access to the core of reality, Brahman.