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regarding something abstract as a material thing

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That these elements are constitutive of the Symbolic as much as they are external to signification, that they are present in Lacan's early reflections on primarcy narcissism and the mirror stage, is to be taken as the surest sign that a Lacanian ontology is rather less concerned with the hypostatisation of symbolic lack, with any kind of post-Kantian insistence on the inviolability of the in-itself beyond the text, as it is with a thoroughgoing materialist immanence that troubles the borders between the materially and ideally existent.
Nicolai Hartmann says of the text: "This by no means is a hypostatisation of the absolute subject to the subject in itself.
Hardie (2002b, 67-8) summarizes the various strategies involved in such 'linking': "We might think of the poem as a kind of allegorisation or hypostatisation of the principle of desire, lifted above its instantiation within individual subjects; Lacan's adoption of a linguistic model of the unconscious tends in any case to give the system priority over the individual, in accordance with the teachings of modern linguistics.
In the final analysis it is reasonable to conclude that the hypostatisation of the logos, which Derrida saw ensconced in the New Testament canon, must be understood in tandem with the evolving Hebraic expression of binary opposition, as evidenced in the Qumran corpus.
These generative discourses protest against attempts to close off a conversation by the hypostatisation of a privileged set of descriptions.