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the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

the accumulation of blood in an organ

any of the three persons of the Godhead constituting the Trinity especially the person of Christ in which divine and human natures are united

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14) Prosopon, Greek for "face," is the mask produced by hypostasis.
I should emphasize that in Jennings this hypostasis uses traditional theology to radicalize rather than uphold gender identities of the subject, for Christ is not merely Word as synthesized masculine spirit and feminine matter (as traditional philosophy inflects Christian theology), but rather, Christ is in this poetics an overturning of this philosophical order, a hypostasis of the symbolic and semiotic, an androgynous founding figure of "feminist" critique that demonstrates that the symbolic order is dependent on and produced through the semiotic, just as God is in a sense (re)produced as Christ through Mary's flesh and free will--fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.
In fact, for Agamben "remnant" is to not be understood in accordance to the meaning of the Greek term hypostasis, "[.
In Pound's case, however, the twin souls, locked in enforced hypostasis, were those of a sensitive lyricist and a profoundly deluded bigot.
The quaintly Victorian pool might have been closed for public swimming, but an audience was filing into the humid upper gallery to witness Hypostasis, a performance piece by Los Angeles duo Osseus Labyrint.
And in some cases there is slippa ge between this sense and a hypostasis of the term that seems to refer to or imply a putative creator of "nature": "talents with which nature has distinguished its fellows," "nature labours along with man," "the work of nature," the "difference which nature has established between corn and almost every other sort of goods," "the nature of things has stamped upon corn.
I had similar reservations when I participated in a symposium on the Nobel Prize sponsored in 1967 by Books Abroad, the earlier hypostasis of WLT.
The icon was not an idol, because idols were by definition bogus: no-one could get at a false god's hypostasis through an idol of its form.
The hypostasis of the economic motive logically entails a devaluation of other modes of thought, feeling and action.
The "lyric subject," an indeterminate subject, would thus be the receptive hypostasis of the structural locus of the utterance-subject, left vacant by the withdrawal of the communicative subject.
offers a constructive interpretation of Behr-Sigel's mature position (1995), which was rooted in a trinitarian understanding of personhood (influenced by Lossky) as exceeding gender and hypostasis, and a historical perspective on tradition that deconstructs the recent fixation on the iconicity of the priest.
Each person, indeed, is a unique hypostasis, but he fails to consider fully that each hypostasis is a particular enhypostatization of an ousia or nature--in this case humanity--that also has significant bearing on questions of human rights and political theology more broadly.
Some difficulties I have encountered given by the fact that in the same spot there are several characters, main or secondary, with different occupations or the same character appears in more than one hypostasis.
This conception of Adam's fall into time is not dissimilar to the Plotinian fall of the hypostasis Psyche into time with which Augustine may have been familiar.
For Gnostic accounts of Adam's creation, see for example the following Nag Hammadi texts: Apocryphon of John, Hypostasis of the Archons, On the Origin of the World.