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Synonyms for hypostasis

the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

the accumulation of blood in an organ

any of the three persons of the Godhead constituting the Trinity especially the person of Christ in which divine and human natures are united

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15), denied that the Second Hypostasis could be a homoousion meros of the Godhead, as `Manichaeus' held.
Eva embodies the eternal feminine in a magical hypostasis of Circe.
The Holy Spirit having no name of his own, St Sergius sees him as appearing in all humility, in keeping with which he is totally merged into the trinitarian love, while himself being the hypostasis of Love.
It also retains the understanding from Nicea of two natures in one hypostasis.
When woman ceased to be conceived as man's passive creation or the hypostasis of beauty, as she was most often in Renaissance art, and became instead the creative force, the (male) critic was faced with an anomalous situation that he resolved by applying conventions of femininity.
Interestingly, B later dropped the language of "fourth hypostasis.
Another special hypostasis of feminism, well researched by Mihaela Frunza is that of eco feminism.
Be that as it may, the period did witness intensive formulations of solar hymns, (8) and the remarkable manifestation in the visual arts of what is commonly but erroneously termed the "Bes-mask" as a hypostasis of the god Amun.
Other significant points that Marbock makes are that Ben Sira had traveled to foreign lands (mistakenly disputed by some), that there were post-Exilic wisdom schools in Israel (an issue still debated, although primarily with regard to the pre-Exilic period), and that the much-discussed issue over whether Wisdom is a personification or an hypostasis in Ben Sira misses the point, since she is there God's universal wisdom.
I, for example, wondered why the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip were the chosen representatives of gnostic literature while two other important Nag Hammadi texts, the Apocryphon of John and the Hypostasis of the Archons, were omitted.
In particular, Origen's teachings regarding the distinct hypostasis of the Son, the Son's divine nature in relation to the Father, the Son's mediatory role, and the importance of the incarnate Son's freedom would all become reference points for future theologians.
Through Eco's definition, as an anthropologist, the author assumes the necessary reference to alterity, not as a concept, but rather in its social hypostasis.
This theme is so central and so drawn out that tora is said to assume "virtually the status of a divine hypostasis, like wisdom (hokma) in Proverbs 8" (p.
In dealing successively with the themes of God as Begetter and Begotten, Logos and Son, Christ the Lord, and the Holy Spirit, he not only pinpoints the distinctive and very sophisticated theological (defence of a single hypostasis, of the homoousion, of a coequal, coeternal trinity in God) and Christological (Christ as not `mere man' but as Logos and Son from eternity) positions of the author, and his classic critique of and differentiation between Asterius and Eusebius, Marcellus and Photinus, but also hints strongly at the similarities with Apollinarius.
If the imperial institution in a Christian society must base its authority on being a hypostasis of the divine monarchy, but that also meant obedience to the Church.