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abnormally low level of protein in the blood

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Biochemical profiles yielded significant hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia, hypernatremia and hyperchloremic acidosis (Pless than 0.
The deficient nutritional status, especially hypoproteinemia, associated systemic diseases like Diabetes, chemoradiation, chemotherapy, and use of immunosuppressive drugs hinder too.
In laboratory investigations, pathology was not detected in terms of hepatic and renal causes that would explain the protein loss of the patient diagnosed with hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia.
Laboratory analyses revealed anemia and hypoproteinemia which were in correlation with the depth and extent of burns.
Obesity, diabetes mellitus, anemia, hypoproteinemia, smoking and steroids have negative effects on wound healing [5, 17, 24, 7].
Serum biochemistry analysis revealed hypoproteinemia, hypocalcemia, azotemia and hypoalbuminemia, which are all indicators of a nephropathy, more specifically, acute renal failure.
The swollen abdomen may suggest ascites, which in the case of babies may have an either inflammatory-infectious aetiology, or could indicate a syndrome of severe malnutrition with hypoproteinemia.
In their study, there were significant associations between fistula development and T4 category, alcohol consumption, postoperative anemia, and hypoproteinemia.
Common clinical manifestations of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus patients Clinical manifestations n % Fever 42 55 Rash 32 42 Oral ulcer 11 14 Arthritis 21 28 Cutaneous vasculitis 23 30 Gastrointestinal vasculitis 5 7 Serositis 12 16 Hemolytic anemia 14 18 Leukopenia 21 28 Thrombocytopenia 22 29 Hypoproteinemia 21 28 Proteinuria 46 61 Table 2.
Accordingly, hypoproteinemia is added to the concept map with a causal link to NS.
Pleural effusion in patients with nephrotic syndrome is probably due to hypoproteinemia.
Based on these findings, the patient was diagnosed with GC, right metastatic ovarian cancer and massive ascites, right pleural massive effusion and hypoproteinemia.
hypoproteinemia (low levels of protein in the blood)
2% of cases it was noted by mental confusion, in 72% of cases it was noted by anemic syndrome, in 78% of cases it was noted by hypoproteinemia and in 93% of cases it was noted by anuria.