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underdevelopment of an organ because of a decrease in the number of cells

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On chest X-ray, the heart had a normal size, but the heart and mediastinal structures were observed to be shifted to the right side because of right lung hypoplasia.
Severe vitamin A deficiency may result in enamel hypoplasia and defective dentin formation in developing teeth.
Once mutations in exosome complex genes are identified in either skin diseases or other diseases like pontocerebellar hypoplasia, it may be possible to design drugs targeting these defects," he added.
Developmental abnormalities ofthe renal parenchyma-renal hypoplasia and dysplasia.
Reisha suffers from a condition known as optic nerve hypoplasia, which was picked up when she was just two months old.
Josh has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia - where small or poorly developed nerves connecting to the brain can cause blindness.
It became pregnant and infected with easily preventable distemper, and gave birth to at least two black kittens whose lives were impacted forever by cerebellar hypoplasia caused by the infection.
Joshua's condition is called optic nerve hypoplasia.
Imogen has optic nerve hypoplasia, which prevents the optic nerve from forming completely in the womb.
The well-recognized and historically documented example of chemically induced enamel hypoplasia refers to the effects of chronic fluoride toxicity on the dentition, and although total fluoride intake will vary with total water consumption, fluoride-induced enamel hypoplasia, also referred to as fluoride mottling, is usually inconspicuous at levels below 1.
Sixteen-month-old Joshua Clark was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and his parents were told no treatment was available.
Joshua Clark, 18 months, has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, where small or poorly developed nerves connecting to the brain can cause blindness.
Recent studies of adrenal hypoplasia, steroid biosynthesis and adrenocortical disorders have increased our understanding of this system, but the fact remains that we still have basic questions.
In 1982 she became the first female in the world to be diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hypoplasia.
Cartilage hair hypoplasia (CHH) or metaphyseal chondrodysplasia was first described among Old Order Amish by McKusick et al.