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underdevelopment of an organ because of a decrease in the number of cells

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Conclusion: Left pulmonary artery origin stenosis and main pulmonary artery hypoplasia were most common pulmonary artery abnormalities.
Extraoral examination revealed a normal head morphology with mild maxillary hypoplasia with resultant relative mandibular prognathism (figure 1C).
Although it is known with the classical triad of hypoplasia of cerebellar vermis, cystic dilatation of the fourth ventricle and hydrocephalus, different definitions were also suggested as a result of studies till date (6) (Table 1).
It also demonstrated the absence of extrusion of plexiform layers, the absence of outer segment lengthening, and the presence of outer nuclear layer widening corresponding to grade 3 foveal hypoplasia as described by Thomas et al.
Keywords: Polysplenia syndrome, situs inversus totalis, pancreas, pancreatic hypoplasia
Regarding the CoW completeness the patients were assigned to the group of patients with complete CoW and the group of patients with incomplete CoW (occlusion or hypoplasia (less than 2 mm of diameter on 3D TOF MRA finding) of arteries forming anterior and/or ipsilateral posterior collateral segment regarding the side of significant carotid stenosis) as it is shown in Figure 1.
Absence or moderate to severe hypoplasia of###* Primitive hypoglossal artery
Hypoplasia during the early embryonic period could result in severe median cleft involving the mandible which may extend into the neck; while disturbances later on in the embryonic period may result in less severe median clefts.
In most cases, lissencephaly occurs with other brain malformations, such as microcephaly, cerebellar hypoplasia and hypoplasia of the corpus callosum.
This exposure caused a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, or underdevelopment of the cerebellum.
The top congenital malformation diagnosis causing visual impairment in 2014 was optic nerve hypoplasia, which affected 23 students, 24.
Meanwhile, there was demonstrated hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis and cystic dilatation of an enlarged fourth ventricle, which are consistent with a diagnosis of DWM [Figure 2].