diabetic coma

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coma that can develop in inadequately treated cases of diabetes mellitus

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A few days later, however, she slipped into a hypoglycaemic coma and suffered irreversible brain damage, while Norris was her nurse.
The trial at Newcastle Crown Court heard that suspicions were raised when Norris predicted the death of one woman, who slipped into a fatal hypoglycaemic coma later in his shift.
Police began an investigation after Dr Emma Ward noticed in November 2002 that Mrs Hall had slipped into a hypoglycaemic coma despite not being a diabetic.
Dr Emma Ward, a diabetes specialist, was called in after Mrs Hall fell into the unexplained hypoglycaemic coma at Leeds General Infirmary.
It may be associated with either diabetes mellitus or hypoglycaemic coma (1-3).
He also denies attempted murder charges against the same four and the attempted murder of another elderly patient who survived a hypoglycaemic coma.
The cause of death was given as a hypoglycaemic coma due to poorly controlled diabetes.
Although it was controlled the inquest heard how he had twice suffered a hypoglycaemic coma after drink "binges.