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of or relating to hypoglycemia


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There was a greater proportion of hypoglycaemic patients who had fed [greater than or equal to] 12 hours before presentation, compared with the nonhypoglycaemic patients as has been documented by other African authors.
So how can you tell if a hypoglycaemic attack is coming on?
The hypoglycaemic drug therapy for regulation of blood glucose levels along and the drinking treatment with sulphureous-bicarbonate-calcic-magnesian mineral water produced significantly lower plasma ROM concentrations in group B, in comparison with group A (treated with hypoglycaemic drug therapy alone) (group A: 331U.
Early on December 23, Mr T's blood sugar levels dropped too low: he became hypoglycaemic.
In the early hours of December 23, Mr T's blood sugar levels dropped too low and he became hypoglycaemic.
The fatal smash near Chester happened after roofer Michael Dodd, 19, suffered a hypoglycaemic attack and fell unconscious at the wheel.
He said they must take glucometer with them for monitoring purpose and to rectify development of hyper or hypoglycaemic complications.
Feeling shaky, sweaty, dizzy, light-headed and hungry are signs of a hypoglycaemic episode and if this happens, the diabetic must break the fast immediately by either drinking half a can of cola, a small glass of fruit juice or taking 5 to 6 Dextrose or Glucose tablets.
The causes of a hypoglycaemic attack include taking too much diabetes medication, delayed or missed meals or snacks, not eating enough carbohydrate, doing more exercise than usual, and drinking alcohol without food.
While maintenance of strict glycaemic control is important to minimize diabetic complications, it also increases the risk of hypoglycaemic events.
The trial at Newcastle Crown Court, which started in mid-October, heard that suspicions were raised when Norris predicted the death of one woman, who slipped into a fatal hypoglycaemic coma later in his shift.
Background & objectives: Many plant polysaccharides exhibit hypoglycaemic effect.
On that morning in July, he had a hypoglycaemic attack and only had a slice of toast before going off to fish in the lake, against his wife's advice.
Daniel Lambell has type one diabetes which can cause hypoglycaemic attacks.