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abnormally low blood sugar usually resulting from excessive insulin or a poor diet

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Managing hypoglycaemia while also achieving optimal glycaemic control are important considerations when selecting a treatment regimen," commented Dr.
Hypoglycaemia is one of the most common and serious side effects of insulin therapy,reported Health news.
A study involving scientists from the University of Leicester has established a link between hypoglycaemia and increased risk of cardiovascular events and mortality in patients with diabetes.
The grant, with additional funding from Heptares, will support a three-year research project aimed at developing first-in-class, selective and orally available small molecule GLP-1 receptor antagonists for the treatment of severe hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) in rare diseases including congenital hyperinsulinism (CHI).
We want to encourage patients and relatives to talk about what can cause hypoglycaemia, in a bid to prevent them.
As long-term survival with diabetes increases and the population ages, more research and public health efforts to reduce hypoglycaemia will be needed to complement ongoing efforts to reduce cardiovascular and microvascular complications.
It was designed to assess whether treatment with dextrose gel was more effective than feeding alone at reversing neonatal hypoglycaemia in at-risk babies (eg from pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes, preterm birth and low birth weight).
The authors of this paper have provided a systematic and quantitative summary of the association between severe hypoglycaemia and the risk of cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetics and examined the sensitivity of the association to possible uncontrolled confounding by unmeasured co-morbid severe illness.
The consensus in the literature is that inpatient hypoglycaemia is largely preventable.
Prosecutors claimed hypoglycaemia was so rare in elderly people who did not have diabetes that the women must have been poisoned.
In 2003, a study surveying sufferers in the EU and US, found that half of people with type 1 diabetes and three-quarters of people with type 2 diabetes had not been informed of the dangers of hypoglycaemia while driving.
In light of evolving DVLA medical guidance coming into effect this month, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia and encourage people with type 2 diabetes to discuss the issue with their GP to reduce anxiety around driving guidelines.
London, Oct 8 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that the cause of a rare and severe form of hypoglycaemia - or very low levels of sugar in the blood - is genetic.
Hypoglycaemia - low blood sugar Hypoglycaemia develops if the insulin-sugar balance is incorrect; for example, when a person with diabetes misses a meal, takes too much exercise or is experiencing stress.