hypochlorous acid

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a weak unstable acid known only in solution and in its salts

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Thus, the effects of hypochlorous acid versus the hypochlorite anion could be distinguished for free chlorine; similarly, the dichloramine impacts (low pH) could be assessed relative to the monochloramine (high pH) (ref.
The specific effects of hypochlorous acid on proteins help to explain why hydrogen peroxide is an inferior antimicrobial agent even though both chemicals are expected to act as strong oxidants, Jakob said.
The council's head of of sports, parks and transport, Martin McMahon, confirmed that contractors made a routine weekly delivery of two chemicals, hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid.
The active species of chlorine is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which can corrode the internal apparatus of the pool.
When the solution of 100% safe Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Anolyte was tested by Penn State University, the same solution produced by the GEN-X-3[TM] killed the current devastating flu virus, H3N2, 100% in less than a minute.
The present study investigates for the first time the action of arjunic acid, arjungenin and their glucosides, arjunetin and arjunglucoside I, for their free radical scavenging action, their effect on the generation of superoxide from human polymorphonuclear (PMN) cells and hypochlorous acid from human neutrophils.
Sterilox is produced when required using a patented electrolytic cell from water and common salt (sodium chloride), and the main active component of the mixture is hypochlorous acid, a powerful disinfectant.
Hypochlorous acid generated by the concerted activity of membrane-bound NADPH oxidase and azurophil granule myeloperoxidase of the neutrophil produces luminol chemiluminescence.
Since chemical test kits cannot isolate and measure the concentration of this one component of free chlorine, it is necessary to monitor other factors such as pH, TDS, and cyanuric acid which when not within ideal parameters can decrease the percentage of hypochlorous acid.
NeutroPhase contains Neutrox(TM), NovaBay's proprietary, manufactured pure hypochlorous acid solution which mimics a substance produced naturally by the immune system as a first defense against microbial invaders.
com)-- Emergency medical technicians and other EMS practitioners now have a better way to sanitize their vehicles, equipment and selves: The GEN-X-3[TM] hypochlorous acid mini-generator and applicator by NatureTech Solutions.
The secret lies in the patented sanitising system contained in the Sagewash[TM] unit which is precisely calibrated and scientifically designed and tested to produce a consistently measured solution of hypochlorous acid that is up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach--yet is absolutely safe.
Thus, the ability of small centaury infusion to act as a scavenger of the reactive oxygen species hydroxyl radical and hypochlorous acid was studied and compared with that of green tea (Camellia sinensis L.
All types of chlorine disinfectants dissociate when added to water to produce hypochlorous acid as well as other by-products (3).