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She said: "When I hypnotise other people I use a progressive relaxation technique that induces the hypnotic state and results can either be immediate or build up over time.
HAVING lost three stone at the beginning of the year and put 16lbs back on in an orgy of chocolate and cream cakes, imagine how excited I was when Paul McKenna offered to hypnotise me to lose weight.
He only has to hypnotise 39 people in a minute to break the record but it would be great if he could get even more.
Up to now, hypnotism or teaching patients to self hypnotise has been firmly in the alternative therapy camp.
Amanda, who has a college degree in fine arts but earns around pounds 750 a night working at the upmarket club Scores, explained it took Paul about half an hour to hypnotise her and the other girls.
Dr Bromwich learnt how to hypnotise people at a course run by the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis.
At least one more woman has also gone to police with reports the 30-year veteran had attempted to hypnotise her while discussing her divorce proceedings.
She finds a book that teaches her to hypnotise animals and people and escapes to Manhattan with a friend and a dog thanks to the money she won through hypnotising in a competition.
GLAMOROUS presenter Miriam O'Callaghan has admitted she uses her boobs to hypnotise politicians - but only female ones.
The former Newcastle star, who was invited to perform on the track after meeting fellow rappers Pep-C and Iron Tongue in a Portsmouth nightclub, aims to hypnotise Sir Alex Ferguson's side.