hypnotic trance

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a trance induced by the use of hypnosis

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A hypnotic trance is the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and subconscious mind, a natural process in an individual that occurs 80% of every day (Hartman, 2007).
Hypnotic trance resembles sleep and, when Orwell was writing, was associated with sleep.
Subjects who are comfortable and cooperative will be able to learn to enter a hypnotic trance.
HUMANWINE can create a sense of paranoid friction, or induce a sort of hypnotic trance, or both at once.
The singing of the large travelling faithful packed into the away end seemed to act like a hypnotic trance after the interval and it wasn't until both sides made changes to their personnel that slim chances presented themselves.
Hypnosis confirmed A glassy gaze that jumps around in bizarre patterns may be a foolproof sign of a hypnotic trance (above), researchers report (SN: 12/17/11, p.
Arousal of the hypnotic trance was slow despite suggestions for returning to full awareness.
In this paper we are going to explore the following topics: methods of creating interpersonal connection in teaching within the university/college context; creating a mutual relationship the first day of class; utilizing storytelling as a method for teaching concepts; the history of storytelling in education; narratology in context; using the learning story; and a special case of using hypnotic trance in storytelling.
The boundless joys and pleasures of seeing a human being grow and develop before your eyes, an endless source of fascination holding you in a hypnotic trance with shifting facial expressions, most conveying a startled "this is new" wonderment and sounds from cute squeaks to distressing cries.
The thing that people are most worried about is whether they would stay in an hypnotic trance if the connection broke, but we would build suggestions in at the start of the session to make sure that didn't happen.
Of course, I would not recommend that people use hypnosis as the only anesthetic for major surgery if they are not able to experience a profound and deep hypnotic trance.
What to expect The hypnotic trance - which hypnotherapists liken to the calm, half-awake state all of us experience on hitting the snooze button on the alarm - is described as "entirely natural", akin to becoming absorbed in a book or television programme.
Participants should be prepared to personally experience hypnotic trance phenomenon and extensively practice trance induction in supervised small groups.
Both often utilize hypnotic trance to facilitate healing.