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the use of hypnosis in conjunction with psychoanalysis

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If this is perceived as unsuccessful, the final option is to either accept death or that life is no longer worth living--described in medical hypnoanalysis as the 'walking zombie syndrome'.
Focused history-taking coupled with hypnoanalysis using ideomotor finger signals to detect positive responses to one or more of 7 common triggering or exacerbating factors permits systematic diagnosis of the presence or absence of a significant psychosomatic component.
After 30 years in the oil and gas industry Stephen decided he needed a career change and he gained a diploma in hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.
For resistant skin disorders, hypnoanalysis using ideomotor signaling and the affect bridge technique can often identify original incidents and promote healing.
According to Medical Hypnoanalysis, the Symptom Producing Event is that event or situation where the client is exposed to the same kind of threat for the second time.
Hypnoanalysis with particular emphasis on the borderline patient.