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Synonyms for hyphenation

division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page

connecting syllables and words by hyphens

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TG-IR Hyphenation - A thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) combined with an infrared spectrometer (TG-IR) is a type of evolved gas analysis (EGA) system for identifying materials components makeup
It S2 will feature user-controlled scripting and output to classified and RIP page make-up; GN3 hyphenation and justification at the client workstation; address searching for billing; sales aids that include upselling prompts and presetting of discounts and contracts; and automatic field filling from ad text.
Walmart," expressed as one word and without hyphenation, refers to the brand name of the Company's U.
However, if sufficiently moved, you can go on to provide a sketchy philosophical overview of hyphenation.
All editions of QuarkXPress 8 share the same dictionaries, include hyphenation functionality, and support the import, formatting, and output of East Asian text.
Scientific English is comprehensive, dealing with topics from hyphenation and capitalization to nonsexist writing.
Publish globally with dictionaries and hyphenation for more than 30 languages
Editors seldom get accolades for correcting hyphenation (say) or even for uncovering embarrassing technical "gotchas.
the hyphenation and justification issues and the page composition issues, and suddenly you deal with the different kind of issues that SGML will, we believe, start to solve.
This enhancement enables Free Edit users to enjoy the full power of Pageflex composition technology - including the ability to flow text on a path, automatic hyphenation, and other professional-level typographic controls -- within the highly accessible Flash platform.
All attributes, such as colors, article geometry, style sheets, and hyphenation and justification rules, are maintained so that formatted files move easily and accurately between the two applications.
In addition to the new user interfaces in these five languages, the updater includes hyphenation and spelling support for Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Icelandic, and Slovak.
For example, a given product name such as 'LIGHT BULB-120 VOLT 100 WATT', could be entered multiple times with different capitalizations, spelling, numbers, abbreviations and hyphenation.
Combined with a multilingual dictionary and hyphenation support tools, FrameMaker 8 creates an efficient and flexible environment to manage technical documentation for businesses that need to offer multi-language support.