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Synonyms for hyphenation

division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page

connecting syllables and words by hyphens

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In their introduction, Sibley and Monroe (1990: xxi) confessed that "Hyphenation of compound group-names has caused some concern," and also that "Suggestions were made to omit the hyphenation entirely, or to omit it with adjectival first parts.
This ill-defined, shifting social position complicates their attempts to move past hyphenation to a firmly established position in the mainstream.
A syllable acronym is one that has no loose letters but only initial syllables: for example, "high fidelity" becomes hi-fi and "modulator/ demodulator" gives modern (liberties are taken with hyphenation, syllabification, and pronunciation in many cases, including these).
It is curious to what extent the passion for hyphenation is fostered more by the liberal elite than the populations it is supposedly meant to serve.
For example, in Illustrator CS, there's Every-Line Composer that permits options for word spacing, hyphenation, and word breaks.
The additional capabilities in 3B2-FO include controls over vertical justification on a page, hyphenation controls, and the ability to add crop marks and registration marks to a page.
Other enhancements include: line data support; advanced check-in/check-out and object locking; hyphenation for 16 different languages; CMYK color output in addition to RGB; APP and Metacode print stream analyzers and more.
Until these programs become more sophisticated or newspaper editors commit themselves to correcting the havoc their machines have wreaked, we readers will continue to chuckle at or sigh about the unintentional charade words miscreated by thoughtless hyphenation.
HTML does not work well with text justification, kerning, and hyphenation, or with features such as hanging indents and multiple columns that word processors easily address.
A few years before reunification, his gesture acted as a sort of hyphenation of the two parts of the city.
At the time of Manitoba and Saskatchewan's rapid rural population growth in the first one-third of the 20th century, district name hyphenation was unknown.