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Synonyms for hyphenate

divide or connect with a hyphen


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Failing to hyphenate text set flush-left-ragged-right results in irregular--or ragged--line endings.
62-85 and (an entertaining note on the growing tendency to hyphenate adjective-noun pairs) 'T.
Wired Assistant Managing Editor Constance Hale said she doesn't hyphenate the abbreviation for electronic mail; she thinks "e" will precede many words in the future: "emoney" might stand without a hyphen, but not "eart," she cautioned.
The couple decided that Coner-Edwards would hyphenate the last names from her previous and current marriage.
I've suggested we hyphenate our names but my fiance would prefer me to drop it altogether because he says it's snobbish.
Hyphenate only if used colloquially as an adjective: He is an all-right guy.
You don't have to hyphenate 'grammar that is state of the art.
Also striding up the green carpet: Real Madrid prexy Florentino Perez, flamenco singer Jose Merce and hyphenate Santiago Segura.
WHO: "Good Night, and Good Luck" hyphenate George Clooney and co-star Patricia Clarkson; "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" thesps Jennifer Carpenter, Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson; "Rose" helmer-writer Scott Derrickson and writer-producer Paul Harris Boardman; "All the Invisible Children" helmer John Woo; "Seven Swords" helmer Tsui Hark; and jury prexy Dante Ferretti, among countless others
Hyphenate Michael Showalter described the film as a throwback to the screwball romantic comedies of the 1940s.