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Synonyms for hyphen

a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text


divide or connect with a hyphen


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Hyphen Solutions, LLC provides over 45,000 builders, installers and manufacturers with supply chain scheduling, procurement and collaboration solutions.
20-22 [7]: M (no CFJKQT) > 22 with proper nouns and hyphens (McCarthyism; M-Q developer)
The change she discussed that she wants to bring to fruition is one of awakening, with hopes that one day, "a hyphenated American will be just a term used in history books, because at some point, in maintaining a vision of unity the hyphen will and should be history.
The proposals involved adding hyphens to 11 villages in Ceredigion, including Brynteg (Bryn-teg) and Drefach (Dre-fach).
In October 2012 we launched Hyphen, essentially, doing the same type of prototyping and testing we've been doing for Christie, but providing those services for anyone outside of the company.
That hyphen began to be used less and less and in the end was discarded.
The hooray hyphens are tickled pink because three super-nags are in training in the same season - but for the hoi-polloi like you and I, ok just you then, it's wrecking the sport.
Steven Farrar writes in Getting There: "The hyphen represents that individual's whole life--his or her entire stay on earth, whether long or short, happy or tragic, glorious or shameful.
Zain Wadee, managing director of hyphen, said: "Our research demonstrates a radical change in the way that compensation and benefits packages are viewed by workers.
He accomplished this by sticking in a hyphen (there now, I used it, as a word not as a punctuation mark) as the last element at the right side of the page.
Complementing the BuildPro system is Hyphen SupplyPro, which provides suppliers with a real-time view of the builder's actual schedule.
NAPKIN NOTES: Katsuya Uechi, owner of the very popular Katsu-Ya sushi cafes in Studio City and Encino, will open a Katsuya - no hyphen - in Brentwood early next year in partnership with the SBE Restaurant Group that currently operates Privilege, Lobby Supper Club, Prey, Schwab's and Yu.
Arkansas RimRockers head coach Joe Harge was ousted from the franchise last week by a hyphen, or the lack of one.
But your report needs all that information tucked into a single cell, with a hyphen inserted between each person's title and name, such as CEO-Rose Smith.
You can specify if you want Google to ignore a term or category by putting a hyphen before the word.