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(of an organ or body part) excessively enlarged as a result of increased size in the constituent cells

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8] SMD is a simple and effective way of reduction surgery on the hypertrophied inferior turbinates.
The goal of surgical reduction of hypertrophied inferior turbinates is to increase the airway, reserve mucosal utility and to decrease the rate of complications with reduction of sub mucosal bony tissue.
Conclusion: Our study concludes that cryosurgery is more effective than submucosal diathermy in terms of relief of nasal obstruction caused by hypertrophied inferior turbinates.
The transverse diameter of the hypertrophied myocytes exceeds 40 [micro]m (reference range, 10-15 [micro]m).
Intended for cardiovascular researchers and molecular biologists, this handbook documents the cutting-edge techniques being used in gene transfer for cardiovascular disease, stem cell therapy, gene analysis for the injured and hypertrophied heart, and transgenic models.
They teem with oneiric imagery (disembodied eyes, horned women, hypertrophied flowers, snakes with the faces of owls, flying rams) and intricate patterns (spirals, curlicues, dots, scallops, and undulating striations).
Our clinical examination revealed that his inferior turbinates had hypertrophied (figure 1, A).
Hypertrophied turbinate is characterised by chronic hyperaemia of nasal mucosa secondary to inflammatory cells infiltration, fibrosis of submucosa and periosteal thickening of the turbinates.
Hypertrophied inferior turbinates are a common cause of nasal obstruction leading to post nasal drip nasal congestion and headache2.
The voltage which is lower than expected with respect to the mass in hypertrophied hearts (i.
His vision of an impacted, hypertrophied urbanism as capitalism's nightmarish terminal point is, of course, a venerable one.
Intranasal examination revealed a boggy nasal mucosa with pale, hypertrophied inferior turbinates and an absence of any mass or discharge.
A labial reconstruction with resection of the bilateral hypertrophied areas was performed, and this vulvar specimen, designated as "hypertrophy-masses," was submitted for pathologic examination.
The efficacy of radiofrequency volumetric tissue reduction of hypertrophied inferior turbinate in allergic rhinitis.