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higher than normal levels of potassium in the circulating blood

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Even though there is no pigmentation increase in newborn cases with presentation of dehydration, hyponatremia, hyperpotassemia and trombocytosis, we would like to emphasize the necessity of making urgent surrenal-renal ultrasonography in addition to hormonal evaluations for CAH diagnosis.
Such acidosis may lead to hyperpotassemia due to the extracellular shifts of potassium ions (1-3,7).
The presence of hyperpotassemia associated with hyperchrolemic metabolic acidosis may contribute to the graft dysfunction, and hence should be prevented in these patients (10).
The nausea persisted and, with gradual loss of consciousness, he was taken to the emergency department, where he exhibited massive hematemesis, hypotension, hyperpotassemia, and hypovolemic shock.
On the contrary, its chronic administration is associated with adverse effects such as high blood pressure, headache, thrombocytosis, flue-like symptoms, AV fistula thrombosis, erythrocyte aplasia, hyperpotassemia and skin reactions.