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energetic (deep and rapid) respiration that occurs normally after exercise or abnormally with fever or various disorders

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A syndrome of episodic hyperpnea, abnormal eye movements, ataxia, and retardation.
The properties of the training device allowed personalized respiratory training through voluntary normocapnic hyperpnea and without the limitation of lower limb muscle involvement (Verges et al.
This condition is related to recurring attacks of apnea, hypopnea and hyperpnea, sleep disruptions, arousals, intermittent hypoxemia, hypocapnia, and hypercapnia, and intrathoracic pressure changes.
Normocapnic hyperpnea requires specific instrumentation/devices that are not routinely available for clinical use.
This leads to over-ventilation during periods of normal breathing or hyperpnea, which causes arousals and discomfort.
Clinical presentations in animals: Lethargy, jerky respiration, tremor, ataxia, hyperpnea, diarrhoea, incoordination and recumbency are the usual manifestations of cassia toxicity in most animal species (11).
Pulmonary function tests were conducted 15 minutes before the a eucapnic voluntary hyperpnea challenge (a surrogate for an exercise challenge) and then again 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes afterward.
20] If the concentration of this essential amino acid increases, it is believed ATP is reduced causing postsynaptic inhibition and hyperpnea, it has also been suggested that the reticular formation is also involved in the increased or decreased sensation of fatigue.