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excessive movement

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9) Whilst turmeric can exert choleretic activity (10) and gallstones had not been ruled out, the practitioner still opted for the importance of a strong anti-inflammatory effect to assist the pancreas and also rectify gastrointestinal (GIT) hypermotility.
It reduces the animal hypermotility and, consequently reduces the stress and lowers the risks of death and infections by opportunistic pathogens.
1999) reported that a shatavari based herbal formulation did not possess oxytocin like activity which might be useful in uterine hypermotility associated early abortion
48) In fact, the intestinal hypermotility is an important host mechanism of defense against Giardia.
Multiple mechanisms are responsible for drug induced diarrhea such as hypermotility, bacterial overgrowth secondary to hypomotility, disruption of water and electrolyte transport and mucosal damage of the small and large bowel (8, 9).
General surgeons were called and confirmed hypermotility of the small bowel.
stimulated motility by inducing phasic contractions, activated microcircuits that initiate peristalsis, and evoked hypermotility (Hansen, 2003).
Hypermotility of the amphetamine type induced by a constituent of khat leaves.
If transit time is shorter than 12 hours, hypermotility and attended decreases in nutrient uptake should be investigated.
Sperm gain the ability to fertilize an oocyte via the process of capacitation, which unmasks oocyte binding proteins and induces hypermotility of sperm.
These compounds are already known to have potent neuroexcitatory activity, inducing hypermotility and strong releasing action of serum luteinizing hormone in mammals (Sato et al.