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abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects

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23) observed that in participants > 15 years of age, myopia and hypermetropia increased with increasing age, a significant rising trend of ocular infection with increase in age was reported in study by Kumar R et al.
It is estimated that more than half of the Greek population, that is to say more than 5 million, are in need of eye correction, while almost all people after the age of 40 have long-sightedness problems as well as hypermetropia.
1) While its most frequent application is for visual improvement in myopia, lens designs to enable the correction of low hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia are also commercially available.
42-44) Here, despite the lens becoming more convex with age, (45) rather than an expected shift towards myopia, there is a tendency towards hypermetropia.
In high refractive errors there are clear advantages to contact lenses over spectacles, such as larger retinal image sizes in myopia and a more normal field of view in hypermetropia.
He also observed a disproportionate number of the prison population with hypermetropia and astigmatism.
A complete eye exam can help an eyecare professional identify some ocular conditions such as myopia (problems seeing in the distance), hypermetropia (not seeing objects up close), astigmatism (when the shape of the cornea is like an oval which diminishes vision) and strabismus or the inability of the eye to focus on an object -- all which can have an impact on a child's ability to learn and perform in the classroom.
It is well known that problems like myopia and hypermetropia can result in poor performance in the classroom, but children can have many other visual problems, such as poor ability to change their focus from, for example, the board to a book and back again, poor accommodation, convergence insufficiency, poor tracking, that kind of thing.
Hyperopia also known as Hypermetropia (farsightedness) -- this is difficulty is seeing close objects clearly.
This is why it is especially important in young patents with significant esophoria to elicit any possible latent hypermetropia by performing a cycloplegic refraction.