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any of various disorders of lipoprotein and cholesterol metabolism that result in high levels of lipoprotein and cholesterol in the circulating blood

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ApoE2 is associated with the genetic lipid disorder type III hyperlipoproteinemia (1-3, 16).
Epidemiology and associated risk factors of hyperlipoproteinemia (German).
Etofibrate increases binding of low and high density lipoprotein to human platelets of patients with type II hyperlipoproteinemia.
64 Table 2: Salient Characteristics of Type I and Type V Hyperlipoproteinemias.
Harenberg and colleagues (1988) studied the effects of dried garlic intake on blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet aggregation, serum cholesterol levels and blood pressure in 20 patients with hyperlipoproteinemia.
For example, the author reported an association between hyperlipoproteinemia and hearing loss in 19732 and, as early as 1981, reviewed 1,400 cases demonstrating an association between hyperlipoproteinemia, hyperinsulinism, and Meniere's disease.
Hyperlipoproteinemia (Brustein 1976) and a reduction in the number and activity of T-cells (Ventura 1989) have been identified in vivo in psoriasis patients.
Effect of mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus and isolated fungal polysaccharide on serum and liver lipids in syrian-hamsters with hyperlipoproteinemia.
Hypoalbuminemia leads to hyperlipoproteinemia by stimulating the hepatic synthesis of lipoproteins.
Dietary ethanol-induced modifications in hyperlipoproteinemia and atherosclerosis in nonhuman primates (Macaca nemestrina).
Value and safety of diet modification to control hyperlipoproteinemia in childhood: Ad hoc steering committee for medical and community program of the American Heart Association, abstracted.
The prevalence of vascular diseases is also high in people with high triglyceride levels, especially hyperlipoproteinemia of inherited type.
Stroke - the role of hyperlipoproteinemia lipid metabolism and various arteriosclerosis risk factors in a control group.