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extremely fine or thin, as in a spectral line split into two or more components

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In the early 1920s there was nothing definite about the hyperfine structure of spectral lines.
By around 1930 the hyperfine structure was widely perceived both experimentally and theoretically.
The samples with both natural and artificial isotopic composition were used for a better identification of hyperfine structures and models of paramagnetic centres.
38 T would be a complex task due to the superimposed hyperfine structures from different centres.
Jens and Yoshi Kawashima, another frequent visitor to the NIST lab, also worked on the spectrum of conformers I and II of glycine to determine the dipole moments and resolve the 14N hyperfine structure.
Lovas and co-workers identified cyanoallene toward the TMC-1 molecular cloud aided by its hyperfine structure (168).
Selected values for variables such as g-factors, hyperfine structure constants, and line widths can then be used to estimate the biophysical characteristics of the-16-doxyl stearic acid spin label.
That responsibility passed, in 1967, to a certain hyperfine structure of the (natural) caesium atom whose nucleus is [C.
The lack of discernible hyperfine structure suggested the presence of a mixture of radical species with overlapping ESR spectra.
The derived molecular properties, such as rotational and centrifugal distortion constants, hyperfine structure constants, electric dipole moments, rotational g-factors and internuclear distances (for diatomic molecules) are listed with one standard deviation uncertainties for all species.
1) for a (v,J') level is due to the (unresolved) hyperfine structure of the [0.