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a songbook containing a collection of hymns

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in the hymn to St Vincent (178) one could include a number of eleventh-century manuscripts in use at Narni (Umbria) and Benevento (11); in the poem dedicated to the day of St Cecilia (98), a copy of the hymnary of Farfa (12); in that to John the Baptist (137), a number of late tenth- and early eleventh-century copies of the hymnaries of Farfa and Benevento, and, in the eleventh century, that of Saint-Pierre of Moissac (13); the hymn for the day of the decollation of John the Baptist (138) was also used at Saint-Pierre of Moissac (14).
But unlike Stablein's edition, which offers a complete transcription of several early hymnaries, Moberg's is complete only for the Swedish material.