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a songbook containing a collection of hymns

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The contract is Prepress and printing hymnals, citylights, posters for the needs of the Office of the President in 2015.
Karl Christian Thust brings a wealth of experience as a pastor, church musician, and scholar to bear in this commenutty on hymns of the Evangelisches Gesangbuch (Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 1995), the principal hymnal used by the Lutheran Church in Germany.
Ives lists fifteen appearances in hymnals (with or without music), 172 pre-1900 musical settings of Rossetti's poems, and a small selection of significant musical settings up to 1950.
Her scope includes hymns and hymnals produced over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, not only in now-standardized forms of Mandarin Chinese but also in eight Chinese dialects or languages used by Han ethnic groups.
For those who want a list of Baptist hymnals, the first bibliography alphabetizes them (503-548).
At Chicago-based GIA Publications, another major Catholic publisher of hymnals, no major revisions will be necessary, because of the company's longtime editorial policy against use of the word Yahweh.
Gerhard Tersteegen wrote in the early 1700s and many will find his hymn 'Tho Hidden Love of God' in modern hymnals - such an audience will find further embellishment and insights in his QUIET WAY, a collection of some one hundred of his letters and seventeen of his hymns.
It's an album of traditional religious songs originally made, according to Carthy, 'to remind us of what we've lost since the flood of Victorian hymnals pushed out so many noble traditional melodies and replaced them with sanctimonious dirges'.
I am engaged in a research project on the history of hymnals and hymn-singing in the Anglican Church in Canada in the 19th century, and on the creation of the church's first official hymn book, Book of Common Praise (1909).
Methodist hymnals inside it: they're looking for a property
If a fake vision or revelation should become part of one group's tradition, there is no method that can be used to discover the fraud so that the leaders of the group can remove it from their creeds, rituals, and hymnals.
They will wear bright yellow T-shirts and carry the church banner, chalice and hymnals as they cover the six blocks from Newhall Elementary to the senior center.
After a very brief historical review, the author turns to a chronology of hymnody, with scans of covers of pages from a very large number of published hymnals in five major languages as well as in Tok Pisin.
Supplementary hymnals, commonplace in denominational publishing, offer both praise choruses and older hymns left out of the corresponding primary hymnals.
Boyd Publishing Corporation, the more than 100-year-old family business that publishes Bibles, hymnals, as well as other Christian and church-related books.