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spore-bearing layer of cells in certain fungi containing asci or basidia

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Acanthocytes present, abundant on rhizomorphs and scattered in the hymenium and stem.
Hymenium amphigenous Probasidia cylindrical to clavate, becoming bifurcate, 4050 x 56 m.
Hymenium 65-80 [micro]m tall, hyaline to slightly pale brown, ascus Opegrapha-type, up to 60 [micro]m tall, 8-spored.
However, to critically distinguish the species and varieties in this group, it was essential to characterize several microscopic features, such as basidiospores, the various types of cells in the hymenium (the spore-bearing layer lining both sides of the gills), and the tissues of the mushroom.
stigmatea (see below) but has oil drops distributed throughout the hymenium and crystals in the exciple (Brodo et al.
Fruiting bodies: saucer-shaped, essentially stipeless, hymenium and outer surface smooth, 1-3 mm across, bright lemon-yellow to golden yellow.
Spermogoniis epiphylliis, cavidatis stomatalis delimitatis, hymenium concavo, sine esterillis structureae (typus I, Hiratsuka & Hiratsuka, 1980).