hydroxyl ion

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the anion OH having one oxygen and one hydrogen atom

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These are of two types; one is where carbonate ions may replace some of the hydroxyl ions and the other is where carbonate ions may occupy the sites of phosphate ions [3, 4] and is also called biological apatite.
2] and the layer thickness c, the hydroxyl ion mass increases were calculated
Recognizing that hydroxyl ion forms at the cathode of an aqueous electrolytic cell and that it freely acts to increase carbonate activity and cathodic scaling, a mechanism troublesome in one venue seemed to point to a means of capturing calcium potentially of value in other venues.
Evidence from XRD studies and chemical analyses has supported the presence of hydroxyl ion in Recent lingulate brachiopod shells, where it has lattice parameter intervals a = 9.
The other important property of the fluoride ion is that it is about the same size as an hydroxyl ion.
Conversely in an alkali some molecules are 'deprotonated' to yield the hydroxyl ion O[H.
The O-Mega hydroxyl ion fogging technology eliminates odors and reduces pH corrosion found throughout wastewater systems.
The researchers who made the surface observations caution that their observations cannot clearly distinguish between water and the hydroxyl ion.
The actual pH of soil with a base saturation below 100 percent depends on the balance between hydroxyl ion production by base hydrolysis, reaction (e) and hydrogen ion production by hydrogen exchange, reaction
In addition, the additional hydroxyl ion in PACl appears as a higher pH in the settled water.
Last year, the first Vapex Hydroxyl Ion fog generator was installed at the plant's septage receiving facility to demonstrate its ability to eliminate noxious raw septage odors.
Hydroxyl ion concentration is higher when the paste is applied and it's lower when diffuse to tissues.
The presence of hydroxyl ion in the reaction mixture showed that oxidation can also take place through this ion [3].
Infrared Telescope after one of the first impacts reveal methylene and the hydroxyl ion in the Jovian atmosphere (SN: 7/23/94, p.
Supporting this scenario, Science News learned that astronomers studying one of the early impacts have found evidence of two chemical species never seen before on Jupiter-methylene and the hydroxyl ion.