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containing combined water (especially water of crystallization as in a hydrate)



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Wherein the superabsorbent polymer containing hydrous kaolin particulate has a Centrifuge Retention Capacity of from about 25 g/g to about 40 g/g as measured by the Centrifuge Retention Capacity Test, and wherein, after surface crosslinking, the superabsorbent polymer particulate is dried at a temperature of 195[degrees]C for 18 minutes such that the superabsorbent polymer particulate exhibits a Centrifuge Retention Capacity about 3 g/g greater than if the superabsorbent polymer particulate had been dried at 185[degrees]C.
Hydrous bioethanol, he said which can be produced from the farm like nipa sap, sugar molasses, and sweet sorghum, is a good alternative for fuelling pumps, threshes, dryers and small rice mills.
Belonio explained that hydrous bioethanol, which can be produced from the farm like nipa sap, sugar molasses, and sweet sorghum, is a good alternative for fueling pumps, threshers, dryers and small rice mills.
The company, also a manufacturer of Micronised White Minerals, plans to enhance the production capacity up to 61,800 MT per annum for Hydrous Clay, Calcined Clay and Speciality Chemicals.
Common development: design and manufacturing of medical device products as well as galenic preparations in hydrous solutions and lipid emulsions
SeeNews) - Nov 13, 2012 - Hydrous ethanol prices at Brazil's fuel stations remained stable last week compared to the previous week, at an average BRL 1.
Net revenue from hydrous ethanol sales came in at BRL 45 million, down 3.
Requesting for registration of suppliers (a) packaging material including carton boxes, tin & plastic packs, polyethylene & fiber tanks, fiberglass sheets used for sun sheds and glass packages of different sizes, (b) wrapping material including stretches, self adhesive tapes, plastic bags and stickers, (c) different chemicals including caustic soda in liquid or peel form, potassium sorbet, sodium benzoate, calcium chloride, lactic acid, acetic acid, hydrous & anhydrous lemon salt also (d) laboratory installations & chemicals.
At the Poochera Kaolin Project, processing of kaolin samples at the Company's on-site laboratory confirmed the exceptional brightness and whiteness of both hydrous and calcined products.
One ethanol microdistillery able to produce 1,000 liters per day of hydrous and/or industrial grade ethanol at 92 - 95 % v/v based on molasses feedstock.
These market conditions virtually shut off the supply of hydrous ethanol from Brazil that is used as a feedstock by CBERA dehydrators," ITC said in its report, adding that there currently are no economically viable alternative ethanol sources for CBERA refiners.
Co-pyrolysis experiments were made as dry pyrolysis without additional water and as hydrous pyrolysis with additional amount of water.
The MoI also proposed Brazilian cooperation with the local automotive industry for manufacturing of Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) using hydrous alcohol.
The heated mixture is formed by mixing hydrous kaolin having a GE brightness of 88 or more and a refractive index from 1.