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the internal and external use of water in the treatment of disease


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But a report by Muscular Dystrophy UK has revealed how poorly equipped the country is to provide hydrotherapy.
Hydrotherapy tank upper limb metal capacity for 4 people
I knew what a positive impact hydrotherapy could have, but it was dif-ficult to access a fully qualified instructor and aqua treadmill in the Teesside area," said Faye, who has two rescue dogs of her own, Mac and Tia.
Claire completed her training with Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre in Warwickshire, who are the authors of the original Level 3 certificate for hydrotherapy in small animals.
Our recent systematic review investigating patient reported hydrotherapy outcome measures identified that inappropriate outcome measures may have affected the findings in many studies (Larmer et al 2014).
The design includes wide corridors and terraces for wheelchairs, and a hydrotherapy pool which can help people with disabilities.
Hydrotherapy pools give these kids the chance to familiarise themselves with the water, get stronger and have fun.
The 25-year-old said: "It was an honour to officially open the hydrotherapy pool and it was wonderful to see the children enjoying the new facility.
But the weekly hydrotherapy sessions are costly at PS62.
The hydrotherapy system helps rejuvenate the skin and clean the pores, the company said.
THE Freemasons have given PS30,000 to Highbury School in RastricK - boosting a fundraising campaign to revamp its hydrotherapy pool.
Put simply, hydrotherapy, also called hydrothermal therapy or medical hydrology, is the use of water, in any of its forms, for the maintenance of health or the treatment of disease.
Kinane, who suffers from motion sickness and so cannot travel far, lives near Fontwell and is aided by sessions at the local physiotherapy and hydrotherapy clinic.
The charity's current campaign, Splish Splash Splosh, will purchase a heated hydrotherapy pool complete with changing rooms, shower facilities and hoists to lift patients from the changing rooms to the pool, along with lights and artwork to create a therapeutic atmosphere.