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study of the mechanical properties of fluids that are not in motion

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Philip JR (1970) Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics in swelling soils.
The Hyprostatik system works essentially like any other hydrostatic system.
PA), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, and CENIT AG, a DS CAA partner and Value Added Reseller, today announced the launch of CENIT NAVAL ARCHITECT, an add-on product of the CENIT MARINE product family, which integrates weight evolution management, hydrostatic and stability analysis in the CATIA solutions for yachts and ships.
With an extremely strong background in hydrostatics, as well as the automotive industry, Jim Wilcox's understanding of mobile customer perspectives will be a major asset in focusing on performance excellence in Propel Products.
Wilcox joined Sauer in 1992 as Vice President, Operations - US Hydrostatics and in 1995 became General Manager - US Hydrostatics.
Improved Long-Term Strength: Since the mid 1950's, the long-term hydrostatics strength of plastics piping has been determined on the basis of stress-regression analysis of pipe specimens placed on hydrostatic test.
He later successfully led the European Hydrostatics Business Unit and as President of the Propel Division, integrated the regional Hydrostatics Business Units in the US, Europe and APAC into one globally focused division.
Flint Hydrostatics provides quality remanufactured products accompanied by excellent customer service and post-sale support.
The subject of the public contract is to supply unique technical equipment for testing and measuring equipment, especially machine tools (in hydrostatics, statics and measurement of surface material), which are specified in the tender documents, including:
Crossprofessional adoption of terminology: As an example of crossprofessional terminology adoption, in engineering, hydrostatics refers to the study of fluids in stable equilibrium either in closed or open conditions.
The cistern pump served to demonstrate simple hydrostatics.
The subjects presently pursued are Reading with Rhetorical Accuracy & Intelligence, Fractional & Mental Arithmetic, English Grammar, Mathematical, Physical, Political & Descriptive Geography, Natural Philosophy, Calligraphy & Animal Physiology: Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, etc.
He applied decimal mathematics to economics, was an innovator in the science of hydrostatics, and was able to explain perspective in a way that even a prince could understand.
and through the Sciences of Mechanicks, Opticks, Hydrostatics .
In the shows and demonstrations of mid-century, Priestley argued, "Neither the air pump, nor the orrery; neither experiments in hydrostatics, optics, or magnetism; nor those in all other branches of Natural Philosophy, ever brought together so many, and so great concourses of people, as those of electricity have done singly.