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study of the mechanical properties of fluids that are not in motion

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Brown students learned surveying, navigation, nautical astronomy, mechanics, pneumatics and hydrostatics, optics, political economy, and modern foreign languages.
As it has already said to the farmer: 'The laws of plant life cannot be private property and yield you a profit'; so it will say to the manufacturer of cloth: 'The law of gravitation cannot be private property and yield you a profit'; to the manufacturer of linen: 'The law of the expansion of steam cannot be private property and yield you a profit'; to the ironmaster: 'The laws of combustion cannot be private property and yield you a profit'; to the ship-owner: 'The laws of hydrostatics cannot be private property and yield you a profit'; to the carpenter, to the joiner, to the woodcutter: 'You use saws, axes, and hammers; thus, you make your work depend on the hardness of bodies and the resistance of materials.
First Vice President - Pat Maluso, CFPMHM, CFPS, CFPAI - Western Hydrostatics, Inc
Indeed, Boyle's contribution to the enormous development of science that took place in the 17th century lies not so much in his elucidation of the properties of air, or even in the entire corpus of his wide-ranging studies of colour, cold, hydrostatics, chemical analysis, and medicine; his contribution lies in his rigorous use of controlled experiments to study natural phenomena and in his meticulous documentation of those experiments.
Dave Inman states it quite clearly, "when we need more scales, Hydrostatics will certainly be my first choice.
Crossprofessional adoption of terminology: As an example of crossprofessional terminology adoption, in engineering, hydrostatics refers to the study of fluids in stable equilibrium either in closed or open conditions.
Equally notable was the sheer breadth of his curiosity about natural phenomena, from the nature of colours or cold to that of the air (which he investigated with a vacuum pump, the subject of his first scientific book), and from hydrostatics or the structure of crystals to the workings of the human body.
The cistern pump served to demonstrate simple hydrostatics.
The subjects presently pursued are Reading with Rhetorical Accuracy & Intelligence, Fractional & Mental Arithmetic, English Grammar, Mathematical, Physical, Political & Descriptive Geography, Natural Philosophy, Calligraphy & Animal Physiology: Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, etc.
He applied decimal mathematics to economics, was an innovator in the science of hydrostatics, and was able to explain perspective in a way that even a prince could understand.
and through the Sciences of Mechanicks, Opticks, Hydrostatics .
In the shows and demonstrations of mid-century, Priestley argued, "Neither the air pump, nor the orrery; neither experiments in hydrostatics, optics, or magnetism; nor those in all other branches of Natural Philosophy, ever brought together so many, and so great concourses of people, as those of electricity have done singly.
The advantages of the hydrostatics are extremely fine correction possibilities; excellent dimensional accuracy in interpolating the X- and Z-axis, both for contour grinding and form dressing; and even after years of use, there is no wear on the guideways and excellent damping and extremely smooth operation.
Unlike the bouncing gaits of animals with stiff skeletons or the legless crawling of most worms and molluscs, caterpillar locomotion uses both hydrostatics and powerful abdominal appendages (the prolegs).