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relating to fluids at rest or to the pressures they exert or transmit


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The buckling behaviours of finite element analyses by using deterministic and probabilistic methods and hydrostatic pressure tests indicate good matches.
The specific objectives are: (1) to evaluate the working, mechanical and durability of grouts and grouted soils; (2) to characterize the grout-substrate interaction and durability; and (3) to verify the performance of grouted joints and repaired concrete cracks under dry and hydrostatic pressure (241 kPa (35 psi) up to 5 psi in 10 feet of water) using model tests over a period of one month.
The term high-pressure pulmonary edema is used to describe cardiogenic pulmonary edema because the transudation of fluid into the air spaces of the lungs is caused by increased pulmonary capillary hydrostatic pressure secondary to elevated pulmonary venous pressure.
The same procedures were also performed on cultived OA chondrocytes exposed to cyclical hydrostatic pressure.
Exploiting the effects of high hydrostatic pressure in biological applications.
In addition to the training benefits, the hydrostatic pressure of the water reduces lower extremity swelling.
The inner chamber is subjected to a 225 psig hydrostatic pressure test and a 150 psig helium bubble test while the outer chamber is subjected to a 150 psig helium bubble test.
Endress + Hauser is offering Waterpilot, a hydrostatic pressure sensor for level measurement of freshwater and wastewater.
The energy released by the collapsing bubbles increases dramatically with an increase in hydrostatic pressure to a certain point (typically about twice normal atmospheric pressure), and then the energy begins to fall off dramatically, a property known as the "anomalous depth effect.
Hunt, a theoretical physicist and former nuclear designer that helped engineer the nuclear reactors for the USS Nimitz who has recently received a great deal of national attention as the inventor of the fuel-less flight aircraft known as the 'gravityplane' that has been featured in national and international magazine articles, including the December issue of The World and I Magazine and the January issue of Flying Magazine, announced that he filed international patent applications today for a new power cycle that creates energy in the same manner as the weather creates power by using the difference in the temperature from a low altitude to a high altitude and using the dual forces of gravity--buoyancy and gravity acceleration--in an alternating cycle, along with hydrostatic pressure.
The hydrostatic pressure created by the clean, pure water is then subjected to 87,000 lbs.
Since it was a million dollar project and anything could happen during construction, I wanted to verify that the walls could withstand either the hydrostatic pressure of being filled with water without backfill or the pressure of being back-filled while empty," said Marciano.
Thus, micro porosity prediction includes porosity variance due to hydrostatic pressure in gravity castings, intensification effects in high pressure die castings or low pressure permanent mold castings and the evolution of gasses, such as hydrogen content in aluminum.
They are not held together by mortar but by gravity alone, so water seeps through the joints, and hydrostatic pressure does not build.