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a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients

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Moreover, students participated in collecting yield data from each plant, as well as following standardized procedures for growing the plants hydroponically.
On all four stories, the facility, which Edel has dubbed The Plant, will use aquaponics: Fish will be raised in tanks, their waste will fertilize hydroponically grown produce, and the produce will filter water for the fish.
Since growing hydroponically does not require chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the method is inherently "organic," although the federal government doesn't recognize it as such officially.
Hydroponically grown plants take more time to go from seed to harvest than conventionally farmed ones.
They are hydroponically grown in almost near darkness, in a temperature-controlled fridge that has a pungent and organic scent of water and vegetation.
All products are hydroponically grown in automated, climate controlled environments.
The third, with more than 100 plants being grown hydroponically and described as one of the most sophisticated operations to have been found in Merseyside, was found in June.
Plants would be grown hydroponically using waste water along with wind and solar power.
And yes, virtually any herb, including dill, can be grown hydroponically.
Growing the plants hydroponically makes for a "cleaner" plant and a much higher yield.
Plants grown hydroponically need light, water, and oxygen, like all plants.
Wheat for a spaceship can be grown hydroponically in a nutrient solution exposed to artificial sunlight.
Then you may think that this technology is brand new and that you need to be a botanist to successfully garden hydroponically.
Both fragrances were created using Coty's waterborne botanicals where plants were grown in a soil-free environment, or hydroponically.